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Balayage Hair Coloring Salon in Delhi & Gurgaon

Coloring your hair might sound like a great idea to project a change in your looks and tweak your personality, but the problem starts when it comes to choosing the color. Firstly, you might struggle with the choice of colors and whether going through the procedure would have any side effects. That is why you need expert opinion before indulging in hair color transformation. At R’s Just hair, we provide you the best hair color solution, which is the next best option after your natural hair color. One such solution is Balayage, a technique of freehand painting onto the hair, which creates a natural sun-kissed effect.

Balayage can vary in terms of its application and intensity. While some people prefer having their hair separated before the procedure, others leave it intact. Balayage is popular because it allows you to choose the strands of hair that you want to be highlighted along with the contrast that you require.

Balayage is a form of highlight, but it is applied in a freehand technique, which makes it yield natural-looking hues. Typically, Balayage begins from the roots and is focused on the mid-shafts and end of the hair.

There are three main types of Balayage: Ombré, Sombré, and Babylights. Ombré and Sombré hair colors are related to the final result of Balayage rather than the procedure. Ombré speaks for a more drastic effect, with a starker transition from dark to light. In comparison, Sombré is a softer transition, with the end being only one or two shades lighter than the base color.

Babylights are the type of Balayage highlights that is achieved by taking tiny strands of hair and highlighting them.

At R’s Just Hair Salon, we have experts who would provide the perfect Balayage highlights according to your hair color, length, and density. Besides providing your hair with the highlights, our team of expert hairstylists also take your skin tone and facial features into consideration to help you achieve the best look possible.

If you are looking for a great hair color transformation and are not sure about the hues that you should go with, Balayage should be your go-to option and R’s Just Hair your go-to salon.


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