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Dip Dye Hair Coloring Salon in Saket, Delhi & Gurgaon

A two-tone hair-coloring technique which leaves the hair dark at it its roots and light at the other side, creating a contrast. The two colors don’t blend into each other which makes this type of highlight stand out among others. Usually, the lower part of the hair is colored with shades 4 or 5 levels lighter compared to the hue on top. For instance, for dark brown hair, light blonde tips would go the best.

How is Dip Dye different than Balayage or Ombre?

Earlier, the dip dyes for hair were quite excessive, with bright ends or blocks of color. Now, the technique has become more subtle and the colors that are used in contrast today are more subdued. Compared to Balayage and Ombre, dip dyes are straightforward in terms of execution and style. While Balayage and Ombre are subtle hair color techniques that require extensive skill and patience, dip dyes are simple and distinctive.

Can I have a Dip Dye on shorter hair?

Yes. You can have a dip dye on hair as short as a bob. However, if you have shorter hair, you should consult your hair stylist to have an idea of the style you are looking for.

Ruchi Sawhney from R's Just Hair salon says: - "I usually recommend dip dye to those who have at least shoulder-length hair. Unless there is a good length to work with and a decent volume of hair, dip-dye hair colour method does not work out to our expectation."

What color should I Dip Dye with?

Blondes have lesser flexibility when it comes to the levels of lighter shades as they can go as low as four shades lighter. People with darker hair, on the other hand, can choose from a wide range of contrasting shades. Redheads can even compliment the primary in their highlights to make a statement. For example, a lighter shade of red at the end with darker red on top.

Tips from the pros

Ruchi Sawhney from R's Just Hair salon says: "The best choice when choosing colors for your dip-dye is to stick to the natural color palette. However, we also do bold and contrasting colors very well. Based on your age and your personality we can decide whether to pick a subdued hue or a bold drastic stance."

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