R's Just Hair Salon is ready to take Customers with full Covid19 Safety precautions. Here is what we do and here is what you should do at the Salon. x

DOs and Don'ts for Salon Owners


Guidelines in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Use disposable gowns, gloves, and headbands.
  2. Use an Autoclave machine to sterilise equipment.
  3. Use a Vacuum cleaner to clean the Salon floor and furniture regularly.
  4. Dispense all semi-fluid and powders with a shaker, dispenser pumps, spray- type containers, spatula or disposable applicators.
  5. Place adequate no of sanitizers for use by all customers and staff.
  6. Wash your hands and face after servicing every customer.
  7. Do take steps to further improve ventilation at your Salon.
  8. Use Air Conditioner in dry mode only.
  9. Offer service with pre-booking only.
  10. Leave one chair vacant while servicing the customers.
  11. Repair furniture with PVC cracks to avoid bacteria harvesting.
  12. Use temperature scanners for all customers.
  13. Display hygiene checklist at each Service station.
  14. Ensure all staff uses a fresh set of mask and gloves for servicing each customer.
  15. Ensure all dustbins are covered and emptied regularly during the day into a garbage bag that is placed outside of Salon.
  16. Disinfect the chair, sink, table and counters after every service
  17. Keep the Salon “No Smoking”.


Guidelines in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

  1. No books or newspapers in the waiting area.
  2. Please cancel all subscriptions for the safety of all.
  3. No customers at the waiting lounge. Remove the sofa or couch, if any, placed in the waiting area.
  4. No Salon chair with PVC layer cracked to be used.
  5. No sharing of equipment for treatment across the Service stations.
  6. Do not offer services that require extended touching of the face.
  7. Avoid dipping brushes into the make-up directly, instead, remove little onto the make-up palette.
  8. Do not service any customer suffering from fever, cold, and cough.
  9. Do not serve refreshment drinks to customers.
  10. Do not offer home service to your customers.
  11. Do not talk to customers during servicing.
  12. Do not use testing and treatment equipment without sterilizing.
  13. Do not allow customers to use the entrance door handle to enter. Assign the task to your staff
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