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July 3, 2019
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October 2, 2019

5 Things to Know Before Visiting the Hair Salon

Most of us have a clear and specific look in our minds when we decide to get a new hairstyle or change our hair color. A haircut or a color change can affect us in a very profound way. While getting a haircut can turn our bad hair days into one of the best hair days, it can also help in boosting our self-confidence and empowering us to go through our days in a self-asserting way. However, when we go through a bad haircut the effects might be the opposite, leaving us upset and insecure.

What most people are not aware of is that we can make the hair changing process way less risky by simply following a few basics. In order for you to avoid a bad haircut that hampers your self-esteem, we have compiled 5 pro tips for you to know before visiting a hair salon.

Know your face shape and hair texture


We have different face shapes and every shape requires a different hairstyle that suits them. Once you figure out if your face shape is oval, round, square, or heart-shaped, you can determine which hairstyle would suit your face the best. In order to figure out your face shape, you need to look at your jawline.

Another vital thing that comes into play when choosing the best hairstyle is the hair texture that you have. A haircut won’t change the texture of your hair, whether it is thin, fine hair, thick, or curly. So if you possess thick curly hair, you can’t expect your hairdresser to give you Jennifer Aniston’s glossy fine locks. What you need to do instead is to have realistic expectations and take cues from people who have similar hair texture as you.

Consider your lifestyle

This is one of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to changing hairstyles. Your hairstyle represents you in many ways and tells a story of who you are and what you do. If you spend a busy life and time is something that you can’t afford, try to invest in a hairstyle that does not require too much maintenance. Consider a hairstyle that can make you look good from just a hair wash and rinse.

Consider Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s modern shag. It is simple in style and has a lot of layers, which can give you an effortless volume to your hair.

Go for a consultation

hair consultation

If you are really worried about what a change in hairstyle will bring to you or how you are going to go through switching hairstyles, schedule a consultation with your hair stylist. While having a consultation, your hair stylist will have a chance to look at your hair while it is dry. So it is always a good idea to wash your hair thoroughly before scheduling a meeting with your hairstylist to avoid any entanglements. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of getting your hair colored, stylists recommend coming in with your hair unwashed as it will help protect your scalp from harmful chemicals that you will be putting in your hair.

When going for an appointment with your hairstylist make sure that you carry some photos of the style you want to get. Make sure the photos you are bringing are from different angles of the style. By looking at those photos, your hairstylist can determine if it would go with your face structure and your hair texture. You should also ask about the care and upkeep of the hairstyle to see if it fits with your lifestyle. You also need to ask about the hair lingos if you don’t know what they are. For example, styles like balayage, babylights sombre and ombre. Try to understand these terms thoroughly before asking for a hairstyle. You would not want to be disappointed with your look if you didn’t know what you wanted in the first place.

Make sure you are actually ready for a new hairstyle

Going to a salon just for a trim or a touch up is not a huge commitment. However, if you have decided to chop off 12-inches of your hair for the first time, understand that there is no going back. Try to think about how your new hairstyle will look and make you feel before you make a spontaneous decision. If you are unsure, try talking to your loved ones about your hair changes. This way you would get a second opinion. Also, do not freak out if you don’t like your new short hair, there are plenty of hair extensions technique to help you out. You can have long hair again in no time.

Be Truthful

When your hair stylist asks about your hair, be honest with the products you have used and are using currently. For example, if you have used boxed hair dye or have had your hair straightened chemically, make sure that your stylist knows about it. Using this information, your stylist can determine how strong of a dye product your hair needs. Not being honest with your hair stylist about your hair will result in inconvenience that you do not want.

Providing your hair stylist with a variety of information explaining the look you want to achieve will help you mitigate the risks of ending up with a bad hairstyle. Clear communication is very important to a successful hair salon visit. This will help you and your stylist be more careful with the approach.

So for your next appointment, be sure to consider these tips before entering a salon.

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