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June 20, 2019
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Popular hair colors to try : Be summer ready

hair colors to try

color shades: hair colors to try

Summers are warm and call for some playtime. With your hair of course! Summers mean a burst of warm sunshine. Heat and sweat also accompany. But a good hair day can lift your spirits and prep you up for facing the sultry days. Hairstyle makes or breaks your appearance. So does hair color. Coloring your hair is a very easy and economical way to change your look quite often. So here we are presenting you with a wide list of hair color trends to choose from this summer. So brace yourself up and be prepared to be stumped.

  • Burgundy: The color that stole hearts in the past is still not out of vogue. Rich burgundy is a rich color that adds depth to your hair. Sunlight on burgundy hair is a treat to eyes. If every other color confuses you, this is the go-to color that can never go wrong.
  • Dark brown: Dark brown is a rich color that adds natural depth to your hair. Especially for wheat-ish and dusky skin tone, dark brown is a full proof color. It makes you appear brighter and looks great in both wavy and sleek hair.
  • Medium Brown: This shade of brown is in vogue for a long time. When you have to sport a very formal look and yet look special, this color is sure to suffice. The medium brown shade is close to the natural black shade of your hair and blends perfectly to give a sleek look.
  • Ash Brown: Mix some grey with brown and get what is called ash brown color. It is a hair color of the lighter shade. If you have been having dark hair all through, you can definitely go for this for a change.
  • Auburn Brown: Auburn brown is the new trend in many places. The color is highly reflective of sunlight and gives your hair look a fiery tinge in the daylight. This is one such shade that can be sported by people of dark and light skin tones alike.
  • Cinnamon Brown: Very close to the auburn brown, this shade is different in terms of its brown infusion. The cinnamon shade has the more golden touch to the brown shade. It is a perfect shade to accompany you on your holiday hairstyle.
  • Copper brown: This particular shade is one such that never goes out of trend. The shade is a perfect balance of the rich brown with copper undertones and gives a very gorgeous look to your tresses. A shade that befits all skin tones; it is a must-try this summer.
  • Muddy blonde: This hair color is everything that fun is all about. The shade appears different in day and different at night. That’s the fun part. You can style your hair as you like with his shade.
  • Cool blonde dimension: A bond is a naturally soothing shade. What better than to add some more cool quotient by adding a greyish scale to the blond in layers. This shade is sure to leave you feeling light-headed (not literally) through the summers!
  • Dark roots: this particular hair shade will never go out of style. While you can have any colored roots you want ranging from black to brown or even blue and just blend the outer layers with a light blond like color.
  • Light ash blonde– A variation of the natural blonde, this is a cooler shade in terms of the color palate. The ash blonde hair color is sure to make you feel cooler in the scorching heat. At least through an illusion of colors.
  • Dark honey blonde: Honey and summer are inseparable even in terms of hair color. A contrasting variation of the light ash blonde, this shade of blonde is everything that summers stand for. The rich honey color in between the blonde shade is sure to turn heads.
  • Golden blonde: Yet another summery color to try this summer. It is color that brings out the glam persona in you. Stand out with a golden touch to your regular blonde color and see the magic it creates in daylight.
  • Platinum blonde: Who knew that blonde had so many variations. Well, it seems blond is all the more exciting when you add some exciting tones to it. Try out the platinum blond if you feel like doing something extraordinary to your hair this summer.
  • Strawberry blonde: more a red than a blonde, this shade is perfect for people looking for a fresh look this summer. It is a blonde shade with a reddish hue that dominates the look. A strawberry blonde head is sure to be the talk of the town.
  • Orange: A very bold shade to try out if you are feeling energetic and experimental. Summer is the best season to try out a rich orange hair color and make heads turn. The bright sunlight will complement your bright hair perfectly.
  • Sunlit orange: Warm and vibrant orange tone with a tinge of red, this hair color shade is a perfect match for summers. Go bold with a head sporting this beautiful orange tone in your hair.
  • Ginger: The new favourite of the millennials, this shade is a happy shade of orange and red in varying intensity. Ginger is yet another shade that can be sported by a number of skin tones.
  • Ginger ombre: Have you been getting bored with your plain orange hair. Well then without a second thought add an ombre effect to your hair by creating a blond ends. Wear your hair in style with a perfect blend of orange and honey with this ombre shade.
  • Rose gold: A trendy hair color that is sure to make you feel like a prince this summer. This shade flaunts a pinkish hue on golden hair. Ask your hair stylist to keep the roots dark and make the pink visible on the outer layers.
  • Dusty grey: This hair color is a perfect blend of grey hair with blond undertones. It has a classy air about it. Definitely a color suitable to beat the heat this summer.
  • Pastel pink ombre: The pastel pink shade is cute in every sense of the term. This ombre shade is a very subtle palette of the pink family. Your hair will look fresh and new all through the summer with this shade.
  • Blond ombre: Have you been wearing dark hair for a long time? Well, creating a blond ombre is the best solution to plain dark hair. Add a zing to your hair instantly by making it blond at the ends.
  • Blond with pink highlights: if you have been keeping blonde hair for a long time and need some change, then just highlight your blond hair with pink hue at the tips. You can also dye your hair blonde first if you have dark hair color, and then achieve this shade.
  • Orange with a pink hue: Orange and pink is the new trend. And the classy combination looks great on your hair as well. This shade reflects the sky when dusk is near. It goes well with most skin tones.
  • Pastel candy highlights: Pastel candy shades are in since a long time. And if you have been waiting for the right time to color your hair straight from the pastel palette, then what better time than summer? The soft pastel hues on dark or light colored hair look amazing.
  • Pastel blush: Pastel bush is a beautiful shade of pink that makes your hair appear softer in no time. The summers are the best season to flaunt this subtle tone in your hair. The roots must be dark in order to get the perfect shade.
  • Mermaid green: A soft greenish-blue color that looks like a warm green, is a color that is best experimented during summers. It will automatically make you feel cooler in the summer heat.
  • Lilac: Color your hair with the cool shades of lilac and feel the sweet breeze of summer right in your hair. Lilac looks good with almost every skin tone and hair type. Curl or straight, lilac color adds a different dimension to your hair.
  • Midnight blue: Want a dark hair color that is not black? Midnight blue is the answer. The rich blackish blue tone in your hair will turn you into a diva instantly this summer. Looks best on lighter skin tones.
  • Teal blue: Teal blue color on black or dark brown hair works wonders. Blue is the color of summer and this particular shade form the color palette is a must try if you want something new upon your old hair.
  • Turquoise: Yet another shade from the blue and green family of color, this shade is worth a try at least once in your life. For people whose tag line is fun, this shade adds to the uber-cool aura.

The list comes to an end but your choices don’t. The summer is here and you can definitely wear any one or more of these hair color to look and feel new through the summer. 


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