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October 25, 2019
hair color for pale skin
Hair Color Shades for Pale Skin
December 17, 2019

Hair Color Shades for Wheatish Skin Tone

Our hair is perhaps the most defining factor of our look. The way we style and carry our hair tells a lot about our personality and our sense of style. While it is easy to style our hair differently for various occasions, the one thing that is not so adaptable is our hair color. People with dusky or wheatish skin mostly rock brown or black hair. While there is nothing wrong with your natural hair color, sometimes a little experiment with your mane can take you a long way. Let us see what hair color would go best with brown skin tone:

hair color for wheatish skin

Light Brown

Light brown hair goes with wheatish skin in the most complimentary way. The light shades of brown add to the wheatish color of your skin and make you stand out in a crowd. Moreover, light brown hair suits men and women of all ages, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a dork after getting your hair color done.

Dark Brown

This is the color shade that most Indians naturally possess. Dark brown is mostly preferred by people who want to hide their gray hair or want to have their hair colored without looking outlandish. You can also mix dark brown with light brown shades to achieve a sun-kissed hair effect.

Cinnamon Brown

Brown mixed with reddish tone are some of the best shades you can give to your hair, especially if you have a wheatish skin. Reddish-brown hair against light brown skin is one of the most harmonizing matches that you could get.

Chestnut Brown

Another complementary shade for the Indian skin type, chestnut brown, looks good at any age on either gender. If you are bored with your natural hair and want to try something new without going out of your comfort zone, you should opt for chestnut brown color. This is also one of the best colors to experiment with if you are looking to hide grey hair.

Red Shades

Shades of red, although a little unorthodox, look great with Indian skin tones. There are many shades of red that you can choose from, and all of them provide a different sense of style to your personality. You can also mix different shades of red to create a dual shine effect. Red shades of color are used extensively by hair stylists all around the world.


Wheatish skin tones naturally have dark hair since most Asians have a higher number of colored pigments. These dusky skins look best with warm hair colors like – tones of red, copper, mahogany, burgundy, auburn, etc. However, these days, most people prefer blonde shades. There is such a rage in our society to have blonde colored hair that people just go on and have their hair colored without checking if it goes with their skin tone. Coloring your hair should be about experimentation and getting out of your comfort zone. You should not be motivated by how other people are coloring their hair, but you should be researching the colors that would suit you the best.

May 11, 2020
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