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hairstyle guide for women in 30s
Hairstyle Dos and Don’t for Women in Their 30s
May 9, 2020

Hair Color at Home: How Dark or Light Can You Go

Are you looking to give your hair a lighter shade? Want to make your hair look darker? Take a look at our custom colour:

The Levels of our Home Hair Colour

There are levels to hair colours, which tell us what your current hue is and how dark or light you can go. Most Salons have colours ranging from level 2 (Soft Black) to level 10 (Light Blonde). See if your hair colour is closer to black or closer to blonde and figure out how light or dark you are naturally. This will help you understand other factors impacting your ultimate results.

There are multiple factors that go in while selecting a hair colour for you. These include your natural shade, skin colour, eye colour, colour history, and how often you have coloured your hair.

natural hair colour

Our ¼ Shade Adjustment

With our formula, you can adjust your hair colour to as little as ¼ of a shade. This allows you to customise your hair colour just a shade up or down, in case you like your current hair colour and are not looking for drastic changes. Moreover, with our mixing ability, we can prepare a fresh and accurate hair colour for you.

Going Dark

Before getting a darker hue, you should try one shade at a time. Slowly moving forward towards your selected tone will assure you if that’s really something you want. When you have finalised your hair colour, our senior hair stylist will review your colour profile along with a recent photo of yours to ascertain the best shade for you.

Useful Tip:

If you are looking to get darker shades, you should try opting for a wig first. To remove darker shades, you need to use bleach, and we don’t want you to be in a situation where you have to stress out your strands. Therefore we recommend using a wig first. If you have highlights or bleached hair and want to get darker shades, a colourful will sort you out. Colorfill replaces warm pigments that are left due to bleach or highlights.

Going Light

For those who are looking to get a few shades lighter, there is one thing you should know. Hair colours are not strong enough to lighten the existing hue on your hair. There are two types of hair colour for you to choose from permanent hair colour and demi-permanent hair colour. With demi-permanent hair colour, you can only deposit gentler colour coating your hair cuticles. It won’t lighten the hue. Permanent hair colour, on the other hand, can slightly lighten the hair colour by opening up the hair cuticles and depositing pigments there.

hair coloring in delhi & gurgaon

If you want to go a shade or two lighter than your current hair colour, you would need a strong developer. Since going lighter requires stronger hair colours, you would be better off going to a salon than looking for an at-home solution. You can try highlights to get a sunkissed appearance and get a lighter appearance than your overall colour.

Whatever you choose, we want your hair colour to look as natural as possible. With the help of our colourists, you can either go up or down a shade or enhance your natural hair colour. Keep in mind that the best way to change your hair colour to darker or lighter shades is to do it gradually.

May 9, 2020
hairstyle guide for women in 30s

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