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October 2, 2019
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Should I Color My Hair Or Go Natural?

Any decisions related to your hair is a big decision. Whether you want to shorten or curled or if you wish to grow them, it is a serious decision to make. Because your hair is one of your most prized commodities and you do not want to make any decisions that might ruin it. The same dilemma applies when it comes to coloring your hair. It takes a lot of time to decide whether you should be dying your hair or let it be natural.

The question “whether you should dye your hair or not” depends on your expectations from life and your appearance. Maybe you are dealing with a lot of grey hairs, and it is making you look way older than you already are. Having grey hairs can affect your career, your relationships, and your whole life. If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above due to your hair, you should dye your hair.

However, if your natural hair is healthy and luscious, and you want to dye your hair to appear trendy and bold, then you should weigh the pros and cons mentioned below before coloring your hair.

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According to hair expert Ruchi Sawhney, there are pros and cons of dying your hair and should be considered before making the big decision.

What are the Benefits of coloring your hair?

Get rid of gray hair: This is one of the biggest reasons to color your hair. If you have gray hair, coloring them can help you look at least five years younger.
Get even tones: Another reason for dying your hair is to get even tone all over your hair. This would help you avoid having faded or sunburnt hair on your head and keep it even-toned.
To escape social prejudice: Sometimes, your hair tells many stories without you even opening your mouth. Having a particular type of hair can sometimes connect you to social prejudices associated with particular hair color. e.g there are many dumb jokes about blondes and women with completely white hair are suspected of witchcraft.
Occasional Styling: Coloring your hair can add to your personality, make you more attractive to your loved ones, and boost a sense of confidence in your life.

What are the Downsides of Coloring your hair?

Strong Chemicals: Hair dyes come with a lot of strong chemicals which might end up ruining your hair and your scalp. Treating your hair with these chemicals would put a lot of strain on your hair.
It does not go as planned: Mistakes happen, and mostly you have to live with your mistakes. While having your hair colored, you should be careful not to have any errors on your account. Nevertheless, even if you are careful on your end, there is a chance that your hairstylist might ruin it.
Affects your Hair & Scalp: As we mentioned, hair colors have a lot of strong chemicals in them and subjecting your hair to it again and again can cause your scalp to get itchy. It might also worsen your current hair conditions such as dandruff, hair fall, and hair splits.
You can get a personal consultation to discuss your hair needs with Delhi NCR’s leading Hair consultant Ruchi Sawhney at her R’s Just Hair Salon – Saket or R’s Hair Salon Gurgaon.

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