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Permanent Hair Rebonding Salon in Delhi & Gurgaon

We have heard about and probably at some point in our life experienced straightened hair. It gives your hair extraordinary flair and shine and makes you look and feel good. Hair Rebonding is similar to hair straightening, except the process is more thorough and includes more steps.

Hair rebonding is a relatively newer process and has been acclaimed to be safer compared to other processes. However, if it really is a safer way to condition your hair or it is just another gimmick to levy more money from customers, we will find out in this article.

Hair Rebonding is a process of chemically relaxing your hair. Chemicals are applied to your hair that break down the bonds that connect amino acid in your hair. Once the bonds are broken down, they are rebuilt in another manner that changes the structure of your natural hair and gives it a relaxed condition.

Your hair has a lot of bonds that bind the proteins, making your hair appear curly, wavy, or zig-zag-y. The process of hair rebonding includes breaking down these bonds so that your hair can appear naturally straight.

There are several elements that go into the hair rebonding process, including a relaxant, a neutraliser, a blow dryer, flat iron, and milk shampoo. If you have ever had your hair straightened, these all elements might sound familiar to you.

When you go through the complete hair rebonding process, your hair is restructured in a way that makes it look shiny and smooth. Hair Rebonding is permanent and does not allow your hair to go back to its original texture.


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