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Permanent Hair Straightening Salon in Delhi & Gurgaon

Who does not want to have luscious, long, healthy hair? We all can agree that when it comes to having hair like a celebrity, we would be more than willing to pay the price. At R’s Just Hair Salon, we understand this need. We know the difficulty with wanting straight hair, and we are here to weed out any problem that might be holding you back from achieving it.

Almost every woman, at some point in their lives, want straight hair. They go through different methods, use supplements, and change their lifestyles to preserve the straightness of their hair. However, most of the times, homemade hair straightening solutions turn out to be a grave disappointment, and before you know it, your hair is back to its normal state.

This is why we, at R’s Just Hair Salon, have brought to you ways to straighten your hair permanently. We have experts that know precisely how to make your hair straight and flawless without causing any damage to the roots or scalp.

In order to get rid of your curls and achieve the flawless straight hair, a particular chemical is applied to your hair. This sodium-based chemical is applied to the strand of hair to break the Keratin structure and make the hair more docile. Secondly, an oxidant is used on the hair that helps in neutralizing the action of Keratin and make it set to the fiber of the hair so that it can be shaped as desired. This process is a little bit on the expensive side. However, it leaves the straightened hair last longer so that you can enjoy straight hair for months.

Permanent hair straightening can be achieved with the help of Keratin treatment, Japanese straightening, chemical application, and hair rebonding.


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