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Olaplex Hair Treatment Salon in Gurgaon and Saket, South Delhi: Complete 3 step expert Bond Multiplier, Bond Perfection & Hair Perfector

R's Just Hair specializes in Olaplex hair treatments and these services are available at our Gurgaon and South Delhi Salons. We are one of the few Olaplex approved centres in India. Learn more about Olaplex treatment benefits below and set up an appointment here, if you are interested.

The olaplex application can be a stand-alone service or it can be a supporting or complementing procedure to Hair Coloring, Hair Perming , Hair Straightening. We recommend it where protecting your hair bonds from the application of dyes, bleaches, heat and other chemicals are vitally important to save them from breakage arising out of the procedures.

How Olaplex Hair Treatment Works

Olaplex is a fantastic hair restoration/rejuvenation system that is often used as a Hair Botox alternative that adds health, volume, strength & shine to your damaged hair. Olaplex products contain patented active ingredients that work at a molecular level to find broken hair bonds and rebuild them. It can be done as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures like coloring and hair spas.

You get a three-step procedure:

1. Bond Builder

The first step is to reach the broken hair bonds (due to chemical exposure, physical damage, environmental damage from pollution, heat, UV etc) and to start the rebuilding process of disulfide bonds in your hair strands. This process can be done as a standalone application or as a pre or post-procedure in hair coloring,Hair Straightening, or hair perming services.

Application method: Applied on unwashed Wet Hair

Application Time: 15-20 minutes

2. Bond Perfector

In the second step, we use the Olaplex No 2 Bond perfector in which the remaining broken bonds are further built and newly create bonds and existing good hair bonds are strengthened. This is mostly done after Step 1 or Bond Building application. You can go home right after the application without the need to wait.

Application method: Applied on damp Hair after Step 1 above. Shampoo after 1-2 hours.

Application Time: 1 Hour - 2 hours

3. Hair Perfector

This service need not be availed at the salon. We usually recommend it as a follow-up procedure to Olaplex users or those who have recently have had coloring/straightening/perming procedures and need to rejuvenate the hair from the possible hair damages of the processes. You can apply it at home.

Application method: Applied on unwashed damp hair.

Application Time: Best applied at night and left overnight

This actually has a visible impact and you can stronger hair with much-improved look and feel.


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