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Ombre Hair Coloring Salon in Delhi & Gurgaon

If you are looking for a hair colour that gives your hair a lighter shade without going too far off your natural shade, then Ombré is the right choice for you. Ombré is a French word that translates to “shade” or “shadow”. In terms of hair colour, Ombré provides a two-tone hair colour effect which is darker at the top and slightly lighter at the bottom. Typically, the top section is the natural hair colour, and the bottom section is the highlighted part.

Advantages of Ombre Hair Color technique

Choice of Colors: Ombré can also provide more color combinations, which means you are allowed to regular candid colours or bright contrasting colours for your hair.

Budget-Friendly: Ombré highlights are cheaper than having your whole hair highlighted that is why it is the preferred choice for most people looking to do something colourful with their hair.

Healthy Option: Since only the lower half of your hair is subjected to the highlighter, it leaves your scalp unaffected, which is why it is a healthier hair color technique.

Easy post colour maintenance: Unlike full hair colours ombre being natural at the top and root in most cases is not affected by growth of hair.

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