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Botox for Hair Care: The Complete Guide

When it’s about wrinkles or aging issues, you may give a thought to Botox, which is a cosmetic treatment that most of the skin experts recommend to their patients. Okay, using Botox for skin can be totally worthy, but how about hair?

Just like your soft skin, even your hair starts to age over time. The thickness, elasticity gets fully lost as you age, and we all know it. There are a variety of hair products in the market, which deal with these Botox agent properties and they properly fix your aging issues quite smoothly.

Do you really think these products truly contains Botox?

Okay, it is a fact that we do follow advertisements when making buying decisions. These ads tentatively keep us engaged to buy these products at any cost. Botox for hair actually does NOT contain Botulinum toxin that is the main ingredient in the Botox agent for skin. This is a similar treatment that achieves similar effects like smoothening, adding volume, bringing back shine to the hair as Botox does to skin.

However, the effect of Botox will depend on the product that contains the ingredient and its function.  Real Botox hair products do exist that are applied on the scalp, rather than on hair. These may not be cleared by the United States FDA but they are in popular usage. E.g some Botox applications are prescribed by doctors and dermatologists to treat conditions like excessive sweating of skin, migraine, lazy eye syndrome, etc.

Botox works by relaxing and refreshing the muscles which inevitably smooth’s the skin. Botox for hair works in the same manner as it smoothens and strengthens your hair.

There are many products that achieve excellent results but as responsible hair stylists, we must choose the ones that have minimal hair damage chances because of other chemicals in the product. You will come across many hair products or hair care substances that do what they commit. Well, the ingredients may surely vary, but the impacts would be the same or probably similar. 


Botox for Hair Care: The Complete Guide

How does it work on your hair?

So, you might have actually heard about this protein and keratin treatment for hair. Of course, even calcium is required to fix your hair and make it extra strong. So, what does this Botox do to your hair? It works upon giving extra conditioning and deep nourishment to your hair from its roots. Well, you should know that when the roots are robust, you have a got a strong and well-nourished hair.

These agents fill up your hair with fibers, proteins, and keratins that actually works its best to make your hair healthy. Each and every single treatment does actually help you to get a strong hair strand with no fear of hair breakage or weak elasticity.

Can I use Botox?

Well, of course, yes!

You can, but it is very effective for those who have:

  • Split Ends
  • Fine or thin hair
  • Weak hair strands
  • Less Hair Volume
  • Extremely damaged hair
  • Hair that gets Frizzy or gets tangled pretty quickly

Hair Botox is generally considered safe for every hair type, available at an affordable price. It differs if you want a complete Botox treatment or a real Botox based product.


So, Botox for hair can be the most effective if you are looking to add luster or increase volume or treating split ends or overall strengthening of hair. It offers great relief to hair problems. Just that, you need to be completely sure about using it and should stick to the same treatment until your hair gets healthy and fit. Also, make sure that you use the recommended hair products only after consulting your hair stylist or dermatologist.

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