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My Story

"I was raised in Kanpur, where my mother owned a salon, instilling in me the fundamentals of salon management, client relations, and hair styling.

Following my high school graduation, I ventured into the workforce and later relocated to Delhi in 1993.

In pursuit of honing my skills, I undertook a comprehensive one-year course in aesthetics, hairdressing, and beauty culture at YWCA before furthering my education in New York at Christine Valmy.

Returning to India, I briefly served as the Salon Manager at Taj Palace, but my passion for hands-on styling led me to transition to Clinic 2000 as a manager and hair stylist.

In 1998, I took the bold step of establishing my own salon.

Despite initial challenges, I seized opportunities like participating in the Creative Hairdresser award show, where I unexpectedly clinched an award, propelling me into the spotlight.

Since then, I've remained committed to refining my craft by staying abreast of industry trends and techniques.

Central to my approach is prioritizing client consultations to ensure a tailored experience that fosters trust and loyalty.

Over the years, our salon has cultivated a dedicated clientele who serve as our greatest advocates.

Managing my salon since its inception in 1998 has been an immensely fulfilling journey, characterized by growth and learning."

After coming back, I joined Taj Palace as the Salon Manager, but only for a year as I’ve always been such a hands on stylist.

After another year, I worked for Clinic 2000 as a manager/hair stylist and then in 1998 I opened my own salon

Since then, there's been no looking back. Despite financial constraints, I decided to participate in the Creative Hairdresser award show.

Surprisingly, I won the award, which became my claim to fame. Since then, I've dedicated myself to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques.

During consultations, I prioritize understanding the client's background and preferences. This ensures a personalized experience and encourages them to return.

Our salon has built a loyal clientele over the years, with each client serving as a brand ambassador. Since 1998, I've been managing my salon, and it has been a rewarding journey."

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