Ruchi Sawhney, the founder of R's Just Hair salon, is a top hairstylist in Delhi NCR, known for her creativity. With 25 years of experience, she trained globally, including in New York and Singapore.

Ruchi's journey began with her mom, a hairstylist. Inspired since childhood, she pursued her dream, training with experts like Christine Valmy and Toni & Guy. Ruchi shared, My journey is about connecting with everyone. Providing solutions is my calling. Execution matters, but my true purpose lies in offering heartfelt guidance. Together, let's create beautiful stories through the art of hairstyling.


Ruchi believes every hair is beautiful; be proud of your uniqueness.
We enhance your looks, making you feel confident and stunning.

Ruchi's story began with a childhood dream, turned into a passion, and now, it's about empowering others through the art of hairstyling. She believes, "When someone feels good, they automatically put their best foot forward. The essence of empowerment comes from doing a great job, and that's what we strive for."